Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to become sucessful

This is all just an opinion but i have been going through and started to see a lot similar characteristics to successful people. The funny thing is i just do not understand why there are not more? It is no ones fault. We hear stories all the time of famous people and how they did with nearly nothing. Yes there are greedy people out in the world. But society is like trying to go after the rich, like it would make a difference? Setting negative and violent examples to our younger generation, oh no, your unhappy that your not living the life of the one percent, then go after them. This came from a youtube video, the rich who has to pay millions of dollars for security...  I mean cmon... we all want to be rich and happy, but then your telling me people of my own country are going to come after my throat because i finally made it, which i have not at all... (just a broke college student)... i just need to say CHILL OUT and look at yourself, forget the others.

sorry i had to rant that out right fast.

But really i have notice a few traits with successful people. They all have a aura around them that people are attracted to. In at least my school creativity lacked, because of sense of feeling shame of being wrong, and act of being right made you a nerd or some sort of label. We do things that are not the best of your skills, because you do something you hate. You will not stand out that way. Find that passion that is going to make you happy and go for it. It does not hurt to try. YOLO <<soo overused and shamed to use now, but the phrase is true so embed it in your brain!.

When successful people "work hard" they extremely work hard because it was their passion. It did not matter to them because it was fun!  Some people i met it felt like to them it means "work hard" in 9-5 job that you have no passion for, means workin hard and livin the dream.... not in my book. I am shocked by the many talents around me, that are being under utilized.. But what can i say, i am broke so i have no credibility so far, but i can tell you my mindset has dramatically changed. It takes time for your acts to expose your passion, for the world to start realizing it. I will try my best to keep pushing and i hope you do the same =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monday bowling

Every Monday Dr. Peters would hold bowling at the AMF bowling alley nearby. There i discovered 2 things, bowling food is expensive but good, and that i am pretty decent. What made it so fun for me was to be able to meet some students who happened to stay at the dorms. I feel bad for them, because most of them tell me how boring it gets. So this was definitely a fun and good thing to do. From what i've learned it is especially important to network in events like these. I hope there will be more things like this that happens on a daily basis.  The school extracurricular things are okay, i mean there are some clubs to join but i did not really got a feel of their awareness. Maybe i am just blind.
Ill Upload some pictures tonight! have to go off to work! haha
I know i have not really got into deep into my topics. Life has been Hell! maybe i should blog about that next hahah.

Thanks for the read! Well actually if your at my schoool, petition for more events! >=D

Adventure: Motor Trend Auto Show

Every Sunday, I usually go out for an adventure. Whether it is going out to eat or sightseeing, I would just go with the flow with my day. Trying to save a buck off admission by print a ticket online. My printer did not work, so having to go to my local staples and to print it out. That costed me a dollar, what a wasted effort wouldn't you agree?
Parking was the worst.. I was driving my brothers Thundra... man worst time of my life lol. I will stick to cars. Finally finding a open parking garage i stupidity tried parking in an impossible tight squeeze...Don't worry i gave up and parked in a complete open space which i should have done earlier..

It was nice to go in and see and sit in some of the exotic cars. My buddy gather $150,  while i was stuck with a free beanie. I got to sit in a few. Probably the best thing for me is the actually get to see,touch, and sit in the cars. Being able to dream just how i will be in a few years or months ;P

See Ya soon on my next sunday adventure!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring break catch up part 4: Breaking Bad Series

Now fully completed, no need to wait week after week for a episode you can go non-stop. Arguable been mentioned as the best tv show of all time. If you hav not seen this, get your booty on Netflix and set a weekend of food, drinks, and port-a-pody because you are not going once you have started! This show was so amazing they are going to remake it in a Latin edition. So you follow a story with a man name, Walter White and his drug dealing former student Jesse Pinkman to a Journey of becoming the biggest Meth Dealers. hahaha. Crazy right? Well If you want a better plot summary, there are plenty out in the internet.

I am here to blog why i loved it so much, minus the illegal drugs and crime. In addition, with my deeper thoughts that followed from the show. You get watch an amazing adventure and story. As addicting Walter White "product" was, millions were addicted to see what was Walter's next move. Especially the MONEY he made, I am sure viewers fantasized trying to pull off doing what Walter did.

As Walt was in a race against time, it made me think. If i went out as desperately and as hard as he did could i become just as successful? Even though he specialized in making Meth. Could i push my hardest and proving my product/services was the best. We all hear the success stories, but that was theirs. What about mine? What about yours? Another sensation i get from Walter's story was how it felt to break the rules, but don't take the message so literal.  The rules of life, what is yours? Are you going to follow where everyone is going, or take the route that will put you on the massive success Walt had, without his consequences. hahaha. If so i am at a position, where how can i push myself out of the crowd? I can't give you a report yet as i only have some success so far, but i making awareness to you and myself. To test my limits on whatever the case can be! Walter first became aware of his problem then took action. He knew playing safe was his fate would already been set, but he tested those boundaries leading to an amazing story! Make awareness of your problems to then lets take action together! Lets test our boundaries and create an amazing story ourselves!

 Now, in the building journey of my business, where i get to make more friends. If you have problems with your job, not having time, or saving money. Make me become aware, I will help contact me at or other social media. I cannot wait to have a future marathon of this show with new my friends. You.

Thank you for the read! Sincerely,

Cannithy Nguyen (me last Halloween)